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Default Best method and location for grounding aftermarket subwoofer?

I have a Blue 2003 Subaru Forester 2.5X which I have driven since the summer of 2002. In 2005, I replaced the car stereo with an aftermarket system. I had professionals install the aftermarket stereo. I had an Infinity Basslink as my subwoofer installed in the back of the vehicle when I had the stereo put in. Recently, I have noticed a thumping sound from the subwoofer gradually getting more frequent. I found that the sub was grounded to the spare tire compartment with just two screws and the paint still on the car's metallic frame. I removed the screws and paint and used a new screw for the grounding in the spare tire compartment. I am still hearing a thump sound. I have rarely turned up the bass on the sub to a high volume. Right now I am guessing it is a 50/50 chance that either the sub is going bad or the grounding method used is not the best solution. I wanted to use a nut, bolt, and washer for the grounding in the spare tire compartment, but I can't because there is a separate panel underneath the car right below the spare tire compartment. I am considering replacing at least part of the stereo system by the end of the year. Regardless of whether I hold on to the sub or replace it, I would like to find a better way to ground the wire and also an alternative location where I could properly secure the grounding without the thump happening again. I would appreciate your input. I would also appreciate images based on your suggestions and locations for the grounding. Thanks in advance.
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