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Default $1k Self Driving Upgrade

Have any of you been following the progress of Comma.ai with their adding a smartphone to provide vehicles with LKA/ACC with Level 2 self driving? They are using the processing power and cameras of a smartphone, which plugs into the cars’ LKA/ACC system and supplements the messaging to provide lane centering, vehicle following, and passing capability via open source software. They are just now officially supporting 18/19 Crosstreks and 19/21 Impreza’s, and people have this up and running on Outbacks/Legacy’s as far back as 2014 with the same Eyesight adapter.

They may not pass up Tesla any time soon for overall capability, but they have figured out a unique way to help bring some of the self driving technology to the rest of us. The code “Open Pilot” is all open source. They just sell the “traffic camera” and harness on Comma.ai website which allows the smart phone to act as a go-between in the CAN messaging system.

The progress with Toyota’s and Honda’s self driving features is impressive, if you google any of the latest version 0.6 upgrade videos. Currently they rely on Eyesight to do the speed control for the Subaru’s and the people in the community working on the tuning have focused on the self steering. I’m sure now that they officially make the Subaru adapters and given the similarity of the system and messaging between models, that it won’t be long before all the popular models with LKA have been fully developed and the same is mentioned on their website.

I drive a good bit for work on the east coast in my 19’ Forester, and most of it is one highway for 300 miles. I would love to have something do most of the steering, with me just monitoring for safety. I really don’t care about side roads/city capability, but hope the technology improves to the point in the next couple of years that minimal input is needed by the driver on the highway. If my trips were just a bit shorter, I would have considered a Tesla for the highway driving capability, but it’s gasoline/Subaru AWD to get me where I need to go for the foreseeable future in the Northeast.

Anyhow I just wanted to see if I could generate some interest in the Forester community. I plan to purchase as soon as I see someone has it up and running on a 19, because I’m not sure I’m savvy enough with this sort of thing to pioneer the way.
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