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Default 2019 Forester - Is My Tranmission Acting Normally?

Hello Everyone,

I recently purchased a new 2019 Subaru Forester and noticed some quirks about the transmission that I do not recall experiencing when test driving other Foresters. The transmission has been acting this way since driving it off the lot and remains after ~2,500 miles. I'll do my best to describe the two scenarios where this behavior occurs:

1. Breaking when getting down to about 10 MPH:

When coming to a stop brakes are applied with consistent pressure and the vehicle initially slows at a smooth/constant rate. During the course of braking when it gets down to about ~10 MPH the engine kicks and suddenly accelerates, lurching forward at an increased speed. I'm not sure if its the CVT changing to a lower gear ratio or shifting into neutral but I suspect it is one of the two. I have to anticipate this acceleration/lurch and then step on the brakes harder to ensure that I stop at the intended distance from the car in front of me.

2. Coasting at about 15-20 MPH - Harshly decelerates and then accelerates/lurches forward:

When releasing the gas pedal at around 20 MPH the car will harshly decelerate and then hold at that rate for a few seconds (feels like the car is being held back by the gear ratio), then it 'releases' and harshly lurches/accelerates forward.

Neither of the scenarios described above occur when braking or coasting at higher speeds.

Other 2019 Forester owners, please let me know you are also experiencing this!
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