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Default 03 FXS New to Forester Forums

Hello Forester Forums.

My 01 Legacy GT Auto broke down (timing). I sold it and I just got myself an 03 FXS with an EJ20 N/A 5-Speed hidden underneath.

Got a few things to fix before we can pass emissions and get registered:

Noise coming from the back wheel area between 3-10mph but no other time once you get moving faster. (Seller claims dealer told him to spray PB Blaster back there and the noise would go away)

Driver side window not functioning but other 3 window switches work just fine.

Clock/ Radio/ Odometer Backlight/ Dome Lights not working. (FIXED - Changed Fuses)

Will stutter under heavy acceleration (will attempt to check spark plugs, thinking about purchasing a new coil pack)

We've got 2 OEM Forester rims up front, the Driver rear is an Outback OEM rim and the Passenger rear is definitely on a full-sized Yokohama spare.

The Foz came with the other 3 Outback rims (rocking 225's) and the other two OEM Forester rims with blown sidewalls on both.

Lastly, this thing smells like the Petsmart grooming department and the beautiful moonroof is cracked towards the back ALL THE WAY ACROSS

Needless to say we have a project on our hands.

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